Cost-Effective Radiation Therapy Options

Radiation Treatment

To ensure that our patients receive all the medical services they require, we at COCHISE ONCOLOGY offer a comprehensive range of radiation treatment modalities. Head over to our cancer treatment center in Sierra Vista, Arizona to talk with one of our seasoned radiation oncologists about the options available to you.

Before Radiation Treatment

Make sure that you first meet with a radiation oncologist if you are considering radiation therapy. On your initial visit, your doctor will assess if you require radiation therapy and look into the possible results of the treatment. They will review your medical, surgical, and family history as well as your current lifestyle. The doctor will also perform a physical exam to find out what the extent of your disease is.

During Radiation Treatment

Undergoing beam radiation therapy treatment is painless and noninvasive—it is akin to getting an X-ray. The radiation is directed at your tumor from a machine, which is usually a linear accelerator.

Radiation therapy is often given as a series of outpatient treatments, which means you do not have to stay in the hospital. You can go to work and avoid the type of recuperation period that may follow other treatments.

The radiation therapist will give you your external beam treatment based on your radiation oncologist’s instructions. Putting you in the proper position and setting up the equipment will take 5 to 15 minutes. An immobilization device may be used during each session to ensure that you are in the exact same position every time. Time spent in the treatment room ranges from 10 to 40 minutes.

Once you are in the correct position, the therapist will go to the control room next door to monitor you on a television screen while you undergo radiation. You can talk with the therapist about any concerns because there is a microphone in the treatment room. If you feel sick or uncomfortable, you may request that the machine be stopped until you are ready to continue the session.

To target the exact area of the tumor, the radiation therapist may decide to the treatment machine and table. The machine might make clicking, knocking, or whirring noises during treatment, but rest assured that the radiation therapist is always in complete control of the machine.

TomoTherapy is a state of the art System that offers an integrated approach to radiation therapy that combines imaging and treatment delivery to precisely target a wide variety of cancer types


After Radiation Treatment

Upon the completion of treatment, follow-up appointments will be scheduled so that your radiation oncologist can see to it that you are on your way to recovery. The entire team of taking care of you may order more diagnostic tests. Furthermore, the other doctors who are helping treat you may receive reports on your treatment.

The number of times you will be required to visit your radiation oncologist will eventually decrease. However, know that your radiation oncology team is always be available should you feel the need to discuss your treatment.

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